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Our services will provide you with an easy and stress-free way to enjoy your summer. Click on one of our services below for more information.

Summer Storage
Extended Leave / Study Abroad Storage
Free Pickup
Free Delivery
Supply Distribution
Future Summer Storage


If you're interested in storing items over summer break, simply follow the five steps below, and leave the rest to us!

Login to your account and order services online, over the phone (877-508-3200) or in person.
Schedule a pickup and delivery time that best fits your schedule.
Pack belongings securely and safely in our sturdy boxes. (see our Packing Tips)
Free pickup will be handled by a Campus Cardboard representative right from your door. CC will then store all of your belongings in a secure, safe and climate-controlled area.
After summer vacation, or when you return from studying abroad, Campus Cardboard will deliver all of your belongings right to your door at no cost to you! We can deliver to the same place as your pickup or any other place you desire*.

* Must be within a 5-mile radius from your campus.

Pickup Service

The pickup process is very simple. Follow these four steps and allow us to manage your belongings before summer vacation starts!

  1. Make sure all of your items are packed properly, labeled and ready for pickup.
  2. Select your pickup time and location (you must have an account with us).
  3. Wait at your location throughout your selected time for a CC representative.
  4. Be sure to have a phone accessible, in case we need to reach you. Cell phones are recommended.

Delivery Service

All items will be delivered to your specified address from the registration form. If you are unsure of where you'll be living, then leave the delivery address blank during registration. However, you must fill in your new address two weeks prior to the start of classes.

The delivery schedule will be on the website for your review throughout the summer. We ask that you do not wait until the last minute to select your delivery time. Although you are guaranteed a delivery spot, our delivery schedule will fill up leaving you with fewer times to choose from.

Just like the pickup process, the delivery process is simple. Follow the steps below to insure a smooth delivery.
  1. Select your delivery time and location (you must have a Campus Cardboard account).
  2. During your selected time, wait for a CC representative to arrive with your belongings.
  3. Make sure all of the information in your CC account is up-to-date, and that we're able to contact you the day of the delivery. A cell phone number is recommended.
* If you are studying abroad or for any other reason and you need to store your “stuff” beyond the standard delivery time, please be sure to note this in the proper area when registering, and we will be glad to help you.

Supply Kits

The supply distribution is very simple. Follow these three steps and allow us to manage your belongings before summer vacation starts!

  1. Supply kits will be sent out shortly after you register online and place your supply kit order.
  2. You will receive an email with the tracking information and the confirmation of your supply kit order.
  3. Please make sure you or someone you trust will be available to receive your supplies.

Future Summer Storage

Pre-purchase next summers storage at a discounted price.

    Select an amount that you feel you will spend next summer from the drop down window on the delivery registration page and only pay the discounted price. The increment you purchase will then be credited to your account and will go towards the following summer storage period.

Extra Services

Service Price
Pickup outside of the regular schedule of times listed on our website. $225
Delivery outside of the regular schedule of times listed on our website. $225
Extended storage Price dependent upon items stored.
Flat Screen TV Packing $35
Guaranteed 1 hour pickup/delivery window $125
Additional Insurance $4 per $100
Shiping Items Home $2-$3 per lbs.

Additional Information

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- Available Supplies
- Terms and Conditions
- Privacy Policy

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