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Please read the following information carefully.

Storage Service
Campus Cardboard's storage service includes the pickup, storage, transportation, and delivery of the customer's belongings. At the time of pickup by a Campus Cardboard representative, the customer needs to have all boxes packed, all items bundled, and everything clearly labeled according to Campus Cardboard's packing tips. The Campus Cardboard representative will then transport the items to a secured storage facility. All items in Campus Cardboards possession will then be delivered to the location on the day and during the time frame selected by the customer according to the schedule at campuscardboard.com. The customer agrees to be present during the arranged time. If the customer is not present during delivery, the customer understands that he or she's belongings will be left outside their door and Campus Cardboard will have ended responsibility of all belongings. Also, if the customer is not available to be present at time of delivery, Campus Cardboard allows them to appoint someone responsibility of receiving their belongings.

For any customer who needs early access to their belongings, a 10 day notice must be sent via email to campuscare@campuscardboard.com and the items may not be picked up at our storage facilities and must be delivered. Customers also understand that early or late delivery will be an extra non-refundable charge according to the pricing section. Any changes to the time and date for delivery must be done one-week prior if schedule times are available and the customer must be aware that any changes within one-week prior are not guaranteed.

Supplies/Supply Kits
Campus Cardboard will provide students free boxes with the storage service. All supply kits are shipped and contain a $4 roll of tape. Depending on the location of your school, supply kits may be ordered up until 5 days before your pickup date. Any supply kits ordered withing 5 days of your pickup date may be shipped overnight express if needed and all extra shipping costs will be covered by the customer. All other packing supplies are an additional cost if needed. All supply kits will be shipped to the customer shortly after registration. The supply kit confirmation and tracking information will be emailed to the customer. Any unused boxes that are not stored with CC will be charged $4 for the large box and $3 for the small box.

The supply kit deposit is refundable as long as the kit has not been shipped and you cancel at least two weeks prior to move out.

There is no need for cash or checks. The amount purchased will be marked and charged to the students credit card on file previously arranged. The pricing of all supplies for sale, are posted on our supplies page.

Packing Tips
Customers of Campus Cardboard are aware of and accept the packing tips made available to them. They are the responsibility of the customer and will help prevent damage to items stored.

Prices for service and supplies provided by Campus Cardboard are listed in Campus Cardboard's website and will be assessed to those who incur them. Customers agree that they will be charged extra for the following:

pickup outside of regular schedule = $225
delivery outside of regular schedule = $225
time change within one week prior to their scheduled time of pickup or delivery by email = $25
costs taken in by any belongings that are not claimed or abandoned
Pick-up per time after first attempt = $40
Disassembling of furniture = $105
Every 15 minutes of waiting for customer to be ready = $25
Additional supply kits shipped = $25
registration during finals week = $25

Payment for Service and Supplies Provided
Campus Cardboard customers agree to pay for any supplies and service provided to them. We charge up front a $39 deposit. This deposit is to reserve space in our warehouse, and covers shipping of the first supply kit if ordered and is non-refundable within 2 weeks of exam week. If no supply kit is ordered, the entire $39 goes towards the final bill. All service provided will be charged to your credit card immediately after they are picked up and in Campus Cardboard's care. Any other fees, which are listed in the pricing section of this form, that incurred by Campus Cardboard is agreed to be paid for by the customer.

Any other packing materials that cost extra will be charged according to the price list on our supplies page. These types of items will be charged to the customers account immediately. All charges are paid for by the appropriate method set up in your account. Cash will not be accepted by any Campus Cardboard representative at anytime. The customer authorizes Campus Cardboard to charge his or her account or credit card for all service provided.


Campus Cardboard has the right to leave all goods outside your door if the customer or the appointed responsible party is not around when a Campus Cardboard representative arrives.
Please carefully check all belongings upon receipt. All claims must be met within 14 days of delivery and have insurance.
Campus Cardboard CANNOT delivery any belongings until a full address is given.

Future Storage
Campus Cardboard now provides its customers the opportunity to purchase the following summer storage term at a discounted price. The amount is non-refundable. If the customer needs to cancel for any reason, he or she may choose to transfer the entire amount to another customer’s account or may transfer the amount for service to another college or university as long as Campus Cardboard provides service at that particular school. Any unused portion of future storage is non-refundable, non-transferable, and may only be used for the following summer storage term. All other standard terms and conditions apply.

Applicable Insurance
Campus Cardboard provides insurance for each stored product up to $100 for each box at no extra cost. Not only do we offer, we strongly recommend the purchase of additional insurance on products that have a value over $100. Please see the pricing section for insurance costs. The maximum amount of additional insurance that can be purchased is $900 per product and a considered total of up to $3000 for the entire order.

In order to measure additional storage insurance, at the time of check out / move-out, you must enter the insured value on the Campus Cardboard form provided to you.

Please carefully read the following:

  • Campus Cardboard does not insure the following:
    1. Cash, jewelry, coins or invaluable items.
    2. Mirrors or very fragile objects.
    3. Any stereo or computer equipment that is not properly packed or the box shows no evidence of stress or damage to the outside.
    4. Any furniture that is not properly bundled and/or wrapped to prevent scratches or marks.
    5. Improperly packed boxes or items.
    6. Any belongings that are not in Campus Cardboard's possession.
  • The total payout is $100 per product unless additional insurance has been purchased.
  • All furniture will be insured if it is properly wrapped. Wear and tear of furniture can be expected while handling.
  • Electronic equipment must be packed in its original boxes along with all foam packaging inserts, without bending of any flaps or sides of box. All equipment must fit in the box properly with no mis-forming of the box. This applies to all electronic equipment!
  • Any damage that is not visible will not be covered. If there is no damage to the outside of the box or carton any damage is due to improper packing.

In the event the customer does not purchase additional insurance coverage, on any product they decide to store with us, the customer agrees to any and all risk of loss by burglary, fire, storms or vandalism. The customer will not hold Campus Cardboard, any employee, representatives or affiliated agents responsible for any loss of property or injury to any person that could have been insured.

Additional Insurance
Campus Cardboard will provide additional insurance to any customer who requests it. The additional insurance is strongly recommended and can be purchased to cover up to $1000 per package. That means an additional $900 insurance can be purchased at a price of $4 per $100 of coverage.

Services that will not be provided
Campus Cardboard is a company that provides storage for college students with the understanding that the following restrictions apply to all, and the customer will be held liable for their belongings and any belongings around theirs if not followed. Campus Cardboard will not accept responsibility for or provide service for:

  1. Belongings that contain fireworks, firearms, or any explosive and/or hazardous materials and liquids.
  2. Belongings which include money, coins, collections, or jewelry.
  3. Items or boxes that are over $1000 each or a collective total of $3000
  4. All items and belongings that are considered to be illegal by any local, state, or federal government
The customer understands that Campus Cardboard has the right to deny any box/item or storage of that box/item, if Campus Cardboard feels that the item may be harmful to others belongings, not properly packed, or too dangerous or unreasonable to move. The customer also understands that Campus Cardboard also has the right to open and inspect all boxes, trunks, or items that are serviced through Campus Cardboard.

Associated Parties
The customer agrees that Campus Cardboard uses outside parties in order to help provide the best services for Campus Cardboard customers. The customer also accepts that there are no ties between them and the outside parties Campus Cardboard uses.

Without limiting the right of Campus Cardboard to conclude for other reasons that the customer will not be returning to school, the customer agrees that their failure to be present on the scheduled delivery day and their failure to communicate with Campus Cardboard concerning an alternate delivery arrangement constitutes abandonment of their stored possessions.

Under abandonment of their possessions, the customer agrees to pay Campus Cardboard for all the charges and fees relating to the failed delivery and further shipping of the possessions to the permanent address provided by the customer at the time of registration. Campus Cardboard has the right to assume ownership of the abandoned property on December 31st of the service year.

Except as specifically provided in this agreement, the customer waives any claims for damage or loss of any article against Campus Cardboard and its employees. The customer expressly releases and holds Campus Cardboard, and its parties and employees harmless from any and all costs of processing any claim or defending any claim arising from this agreement. The customer expressly acknowledges that Campus Cardboard is not a professional storer, mover, or common carrier and waives the right to hold Campus Cardboard to any laws or standards governing storers, movers, or carriers.

Applicable Law
This agreement shall be governed, interpreted, and construed according to the law of the State of Illinois. The customer agrees that any court action pertaining to this agreement shall be conducted in courts in the State of Illinois.

Entire Agreement
The customer acknowledges that there are no representations, warranties, or agreements by or between the parties which are not fully set forth herein and no representative of Campus Cardboard or Campus Cardboard parties is authorized to make any representations, warranties, or agreements other than as expressly set forth herein. This agreement may only be amended by writing signed by the parties.

All prices and terms are subject to change without notice.

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