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Have a question? See if we've already answered it below. If not, feel free to contact our Customer Care department.
Who is Campus Cardboard?
Campus Cardboard is a company which provides the ultimate solution to all of the headaches that students experience when deciding on what to do with their belongings during extended breaks.
What services does Campus Cardboard provide?
Campus Cardboard provides summer and study abroad storage, shipping, and supply kit shipped to your door that provides boxes and any packing supplies needed for college students whether they live in state, out-of-state, or are studying abroad.
Which campuses do you serve?
Please click here, to see a list of schools Campus Cardboard currently serves.
How does the storage service work?
It's a short and easy process. You must first register as a customer. This can be done at www.campuscardboard.com. Once you have selected the type of service and paid the deposit, we will guide you through the painless move-out process. Online, you will pick the dates, time (accordingly to the schedule posted) and locations you desire for pick up or delivery. You will then be notified via email your supply kit order confirmation along with any tracking information if provided. During the move-out week, we will come right to your door to collect all items to be stored and delivered in the fall.
Is it safe to store computers, televisions, and stereos?
Yes, our storage facilities are climate controlled and will ensure that all electronic equipment will be kept safe. The facility has proper ventilation and are monitored to ensure nothing is damaged.
What are we not allowed to store with Campus Cardboard?
Hazardous materials or chemicals, any type of liquid, jewelry, cash, mirrors or anything extremely breakable. Remember, if there is anything you are unsure about packing, do not pack it.
Can I gain access to my goods over the summer while in storage?
Yes, although a 10 day notice needs to be given, the items may not be picked up at the storage facility and must be delivered, and all requests need to be emailed to: campuscare@campuscardboard.com
How do I pay for the summer storage service?
You can pay online with Visa and Mastercard. Cash and checks are not accepted.
Can I sign up within the two-week period?
Yes, however, if you should need to cancel service within the 2 weeks, you will loose the $39 deposit.
Can I sign up within one week of move out?
Yes, however, there is a $39 non-refundable late registration fee.
Do you provide boxes for packing?
Yes, boxes will be available to you and are free with storage service. At the time of registration you will be able to order your supply kit. Each kit contains 5 boxes. Kit one contains 5 large and kit two contains 3 large and 2 small.
How does the billing process work?
After the pick up of your items, Campus Cardboard will process the charges according to the pricing section, based on the type of items being stored. Your $39 deposit will be credited toward the final bill. The remaining charges will be charged to the credit card on file. A full refund of your deposit will be given with a 2 week notice of cancellation prior to exam week.
How many boxes do you recommend?
This answer is completely dependent on the amount of items you need to store. The average student uses two supply kits, the many order 3-4.
What kind of boxes are they?
The boxes we provide to you are in two sizes (large: 20"X20"X20", small: 16"X16"X16") and are 275lb style boxes for extra strength and protection of your belongings.
How much does it cost to store my things?
Campus Cardboard provides storage on a per item basis and weight according to our pricing section. The cost is for the entire summer, and if you are studying abroad, we will charge for each semester/term beyond the summer storage term.
Are my belongings covered under insurance?
Yes. For more information, please visit the Insurance page.
What if I am not around for the pickup or delivery?
Make sure you appoint a person to be at your location during your appropriate time. Keep in mind that a signature is required upon pickup. If you are a no-show at your selected pickup time, a Campus Cardboard representative will make a pickup attempt later the same day after they have contacted you and you will be charged a $25 fee. If you are not around during your selected delivery time, Campus Cardboard has the right to leave your belongings at the address registered for delivery.
Where are our belongings stored?
Your items are stored in our safe, secure, and climate controlled warehouse, within driving distance of each school we provide service at.
If there is something I need to store that Campus Cardboard does not list, what should I do?
Please call or email us and we will be happy to accommodate you.
What happens if my final bill is less then my deposit?
If it is less then the deposit Campus Cardboard will issue you a refund for the difference.
Does my deposit go towards my final bill?
Yes, it will go towards your final bill if you do not order any supply kits.
Do you provide shipping of my belongings home?
Yes, we provide shipping for your boxes, luggage, and trunks.
How does the shipping process work?
When your campus cardboard rep arrives, notify them what you will be shipping. They will then guide you through the shipping form and transport your items to our expeditor.


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