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The following supplies are available from Campus Cardboard and will be packed into your supply kit and shipped shortly after your order has been processed:
Name Price
Markers $3.00
Mattress/Futon Bag (one size) $6.00
Packing Tape (per roll) $4.00

* Any extra materials purchased will be charged directly to the credit card listed on your account.

Box Dimensions:

At this time, boxes are available in two sizes; small and large. Small boxes are approximately 2.2 cubic feet, while large boxes are approximately 4.6 cubic feet. Exact dimensions are listed below:


Campus Cardboard Labels

Campus Cardboard labels are required and may be printed out online at the time of registration. If you do not have enough, just log into your account and print some more. They need to be placed on the face of the box in the upper left-hand corner. There needs to be a label for every box or belonging (futon, fridge, table and all pieces of an item that gets broken down) stored with CC. Please place the labels on all items that are not boxes in a location that can easily be recognized.
Each label requires your full name, ID# which is given to you when you register, name of the school, and the total number of items collected and stored by Campus Cardboard.
Your full name and Campus Cardboard number should also be written on all of your boxes in a large, bold marker.
In case a label falls off, please leave a piece of paper with your name, school, and id# inside the top of your boxes.
If storing a futon, be sure to affix a label to both the mattress and the frame.  Keep in mind that if you have a plastic cover for the futon, the label will stick better to this. Otherwise, tape it to the plastic tag of the mattress.

Additional Information

Ample amounts of packing tape along with other packing supplies are available for purchase to assist you with your packing needs.
Extra boxes may also be available. Packing computers and/or stereos in their original boxes is recommended. Campus Cardboard's boxes are 275lb style and are available in two sizes (as listed above) if needed.
Using packing materials, such as bubble wrap, towels, sheets, clothing and newspaper is recommended. This ensures that items are safe and secure during the pickup and delivery process. For more information on packing visit the Packing Tips page.

C.C. Baby!
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